Entering into retirement can be a fun and relaxing time in your life. For the first time in years, you’ll have enough free time to whatever you would like. Many times when people reach retirement, they have no idea what to do with all the new time on their hands. Without any hobbies to keep them busy, it’s easy to fall into a retirement slump and begin to feel a little depressed. To avoid this, here are a few new hobbies to start during retirement:


A very rewarding hobby that is great for retirees is volunteering. Every community could always use an extra pair of hands. There are so many ways to volunteer including working in museums, helping out at animal shelters, or even running after-school programs. A lot of them time retirees can find a volunteer program that fits in with their past career. Volunteering is a great way to get out of the house, meet new people, and is good for the soul.

Learning a New Language

You are never too old to learn something new. You’re also never too old to learn a new language. Although we’re told time and time again that it is better to learn a foreign language when we’re younger, retirees have just a much a chance as the younger generations. Older adults are able to focus better and have a stronger commitment to learning a new language than younger people. Those who have retired are able to put in the time a dedication it takes to learn. Especially if you’re looking to travel to new countries during your retirement, it’s great to learn a foreign language ahead of time.


Whether it is a community garden on one right in your backyard, using your retirement to take up your retirement is a relaxing choice. Gardening requires low physical activity but is still a great exercise for the mind body and soul. The best part about gardening is being able to grow your own fruits and vegetables, which will save you some extra cash on groceries. Many people find gardening and being around nature as a hobby to calming and relaxing.

Creating Art

Even if you possess no skills as an artist, taking up a hobby such as drawing, sketching, or painting is a great way to spend your retirement. There are so many art classes available for people who are looking to learn. Having a creative outlet through painting or drawing can help retirement feel more like a long overdue holiday rather than a life sentence. Retirement can be the time of your life to make new connections, find new talents, and become a master of new hobbies.