Are you ready to move into a mobile home? Do you want to bring your beloved dog with you? Although the process can seem complicated, the following steps will help you prepare you and your pet for the transition.

Do Your Research

Keep in mind that not all mobile home parks are pet friendly. Make sure you call ahead and ask whether or not dogs are allowed before making the commitment to move there or signing a contract. Parks may have a limit on the size of your dog, how many dogs, or only allow specific breeds. Some parks also have a restriction as to you can move in with your dog, but once the dog dies you cannot replace it.

Train Your Dog

Train your dog not to leave your side, even when it isn’t leashed. Most mobile home parks don’t have gardens, so there won’t be any area for your dog to run freely. Training your dog will ensure that it stays away from your neighbors, and you won’t have to worry about it running away. If you are having trouble training your dog yourself, consider investing in professional assistance. Sessions with a professional dog trainer will benefit you in the long run when you can trust your dog not to leave you.

Buy Necessary Supplies

Invest in toys to keep your dog occupied. In order to prevent your dog from getting bored in a small space, make sure it has plenty of toys to stay busy. Chew toys will prevent your dog from chewing on your furniture and other belongings.

Purchase a Collar and License Tags

Even though many parks will already require it, make sure that your dog has a collar and identification tags. If your dog runs away from you, proper identification will make sure that whoever finds your pet will be able to return them to the correct owner.

Provide Consistent Exercise

Make sure your dog gets consistent exercise. You’ll have to spend more time taking your dog for walks. Establishing a consistent walking routine will help your dog remain calm, especially during the transition period when you downsize from a larger property to a mobile home. Consider finding a mobile home park near dog-friendly walking trails or a dog park.

This advice will help insure that you and your dog have a smooth transition between living in a home with a large Garden and moving into a smaller mobile home. By researching parks ahead of time, finding the necessary supplies, and creating new exercise routines, your pet will be able to live happily in your new home!