When you’ve downsized to a smaller home, every meter of space counts! You’ll be amazed at how well your mobile home replaces your previous house. These tips will help you take advantage of all the space you have available.

Utilize Space Under the Bed

There’s plenty of storage space available under the bed! You can maximize this space and keep things organized by storing them in boxes or garment bags. This will also help protect your belongings from dust. Buying bed risers will boost the legs of the bed to give you a little more height. If you want to hide the items under the bed from view, consider adding a dust ruffle or bed skirt.

Use Vacuum Compressed Storage Bags

If you have a lot of clothing, you should consider investing in vacuum compressed storage bags. They allow you to put a lot of clothing in a plastic bag and suck out the air with a vacuum. This flattens out the stacks of clothing, making them easier to store. The bags are also reusable, so you can pack and unpack as many times as you need!

Add Extra Storage to Closets

Install extra shelving inside any closets. Keep the bulkiest items on the floor, and place the items you use least on the top shelf. Another great tool is a hanging shoe organizer. You can hang this on the inside of the closet door. It comes with plenty of pockets, which is great for organizing items and creating additional storage.

Organize your Drawers

Drawer space is great, but you can’t do anything with it unless it’s organized! Use plastic trays to divide your drawers into sections. You can even glue them down so they don’t slide around. For a more temporary fix, cut strips of cardboard to divide the space.

Use Furniture that Doubles as Storage Space

If you decide to purchase any extra furniture, make sure you buy furniture that comes with built in storage space. One example is an ottoman. There are a variety available that come with a hollow inside and a removable top. This allows you to fill it with other belongings! Another good example is a coffee table with built in shelves or drawers.

These are great ways to take advantage of every bit of space available to you in your new home!