Maurice Fred Sines is a humble businessman from small beginnings. Because of this, he knows just how important it is to give back to his community. Fred is passionate about helping others and advises others to also give generously. He believes that “charity starts at home.” Although it may be easy to turn a blind eye to those we pass by, Fred believes that we need to make an effort to help those in our community. Many people need our help in one way or another! Fred has a strong desire to give help to those who need it.

Fred Sines has been involved in a significant amount of charity work. He helped run Brighter Sines, a charity that helped fundraise for those in need and hosted regular fun days to brighten people’s lives. The group supported many different groups such as children’s hospitals and schools.

More recently, Fred has also supported a furniture recycling charity called Care Zone. He donated beds to help those in financial crisis. Fred also supports the SSAFA, a UK charity very close to his heart. The group provides lifelong support to soldiers and veterans from the British Forces. They help elderly veterans stay mobile and assist widows facing financial hardship.

Fred Sines plays an active role in his community and continues to encourage others to give to those in need. If you feel inspired by his work, why not donate today?