Situated along the southeastern coast of England, Kent is home to some of the most historic landmarks in the United Kingdom. Both tourists and Kent residents have plenty of opportunities to visit stunning historic castles. Here are some of the highlights of the area.

Dover Castle

Founded in the 11th century, Dover has been called the “key to England” due to its strategic positioning along the White Cliffs of Dover. Over the years, this castle has had some fascinating roles in history. Parts of the site contain ancient Roman lighthouses built roughly 2,000 years ago, while visitors can also tour defenses and bastions built during the Napoleonic War.

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is ideal for those who want a romantic tour. This lovely little stronghold is situated on islands in the middle of the River Len. Due to the extensive rebuilding efforts of the 1800s, this castle now boasts acres of parkland, an elaborate art deco interior, and several cottages people can stay in on vacation.

Rochester Castle

Rochester Castle is a must-see for fans of medieval England. It is a very well preserved Norman keep that is topped with soaring 12th century stone turrets.

Hever Castle

This Kent castle is mostly famous for being the seat of the Boleyn family. In addition to being the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, it was later given to Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII’s fourth wife.

Walmer Castle

Walmer has an ornate rounded construction that looks almost flower-like when viewed from the air. Built by Henry VIII, it contains several military fortifications originally used to fight off the French and Spanish.

Upnor Castle

Upnor Castle was originally an artillery fort during Elizabethan times. It is primarily a naval fortress, so it is a favorite among military fans.

Scotney Castle

Part of Scotney Castle’s charm is its minute size. This castle is one small medieval tower and tiny lake house, surrounded by a moat and a garden filled with floral bushes and plants.

Chiddingstone Castle

Chiddingstone Castle is ideal for people who love nature. It has 35 acres of lovely grounds that include an orangery, rose garden, and lake.

If you’re interested in visiting the UK’s historic castles, you’re sure to find one on this list. The castles offer something for everyone, whether you are interested in architecture, history, or the tales behind these beautiful structures!