Are you or is someone you love looking to retire and downsize soon? Are you looking for an inexpensive option to make the most of your already-stretched retirement fund? If you answered yes to these questions, then a mobile home on a residential mobile home park may be the perfect option for you. Residential mobile home parks and mobile homes are becoming more and more popular, which should come as no surprise. The Independent writes that “Mobile home sites in the UK are often a great first choice for financially secure people keen to save money by owning a smaller property.”


A mobile home is a great option for retirees who find themselves having to stretch their retirement fund. They are available for only a fraction of cost of a traditional home- prices begin at just £170,000!  Although residents will have to pay rent for the land under their mobile home in a park, this is about £3,000 a year. Most of these parks also include utilities, and some even offer additional amenities, such as a pool. 

Easy to Maintain

Not only are mobile homes much cheaper than other options, but they are easy to maintain. As retirees age, easy upkeep becomes more and more of a priority, especially for those with limited motion. Mobile homes consist of less space, making them easy to clean and manage! Most mobile homes don’t have a garden space, so seniors don’t have to worry about any gardening work.

Close Knit Community

For many seniors, loneliness during this stage of life is a major concern. But at a mobile park, it doesn’t have to be! Residential mobile home parks offer another advantage, that of community. In these parks, neighbors live close to each other in tight knit communities. These retirees already have much in common- they are all beginning a new chapter of life together. Mobile homes provide people with close community, but residents enjoy more personal space than they would in an apartment. Many parks purposefully foster this sense of community with community spaces and recreation areas.

If these advantages are appealing, then a mobile home in a residential mobile home park may be perfect for you. Roughly 200,000 people, many of whom are retired, live in residential mobile home parks today. These residents are reaping the rewards of living on a mobile home park; inexpensive, comfortable homes that are easy to maintain, a close-knit community of others in the same stage of life, and a variety of amenities. No wonder these homes are being described as “the homes of the future”!